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Leaping into the 6th Star with Awareness and Courage; with Marti Spiegelman and Laban Ditchburn - #48

December 21, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 48
6 Star Business
Leaping into the 6th Star with Awareness and Courage; with Marti Spiegelman and Laban Ditchburn - #48
Show Notes

 In this final episode of the year we welcome Marti Spiegelman and Laban Ditchburn. And what an episode this is to go out with a bang for 2021!

 Marti speaks to us about using awareness in business, whilst Laban shares his experiences of creating courage. 

 It’s a cracker, and I promise you’ll enjoy it!


Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

 8:30 - Where we are is not high enough

14:44 - what Western culture has forgotten

18:35 - the beginnings of the 6 star business movement

26:48 - the power of real connection

36:49 - if you overthink it, you stop the flow

and much MUCH more…




Here's some information about our guests:


Marti Spiegelman

Mentor, Speaker & Founder 

Marti is a business advisor and mentor, speaker, and founder of The Precision Consciousness Training: Technologies of Consciousness for Today’s Leaders. 

Marti has combined 5 decades of business experience with her training in the sciences, graphic design, and indigenous technologies of consciousness to create a modern methodology for mastering full consciousness at all scales – individual, organizational, societal, and global.

Marti is initiated into indigenous lineages in Peru, West Africa, and the Himalayas. She serves as Director of Communications on the Board of the Andean Research Institute.

Marti brings the extraordinary principles of ‘Precision Consciousness’ to the change-makers who are striving to take business, and creative endeavour to new levels of conscious success in our evolving world.


Laban Ditchburn

Author, Coach, Speaker

A child badly affected by divorce, Laban sought validation and escapism in all the wrong places. 

But through self-discovery and a ton of hard work, he conquered the full gamut of addiction—alcohol, sex, gambling, drugs, and negative self-talk. He dropped sixty pounds of body fat, added thirty pounds of muscle, and put his “incurable” auto-immune disease into remission.  

He is physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in charge of his own destiny and his journey continues to inspire those ready to change their lives. An exemplar and a revolutionary, he revels in unabashedly sharing what he’s learned: how to conquer the demons you don’t know you have, and how to be unstoppable in getting to where you want to be. 

Laban also hosts the Become Your Own Superhero podcast. 




Laban’s new book - “Bet On You”:

Check it out on Amazon here

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