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The Joy of Jumping into the Uncomfortable for Success; with Cristina Castro

November 01, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 43
6 Star Leaders
The Joy of Jumping into the Uncomfortable for Success; with Cristina Castro
Show Notes

In today’s episode we heard from global citizen, Cristina Castro, and learnt how she jumped from a safe and successful corporate career into the unknown world of entrepreneurship.

She shares with us her motivations and fears, and what’s driven her to this level of success today.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

05:25 - growing up in Spain as an Australian

08:19 - her journey that led to the ‘big jump’

13:00 - the label of entrepreneur that she avoided

26:20 - her base of security that held her

36:30 - the loneliness of being in business

41:00 - how natural rope is made

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guest:

Cristina Castro, co-CEO of Grow Your Brand With Impact

Parter at Grow Your Brand With Impact, wife, daughter. 

Australian born, Spanish raised and overall global citizen, Cristina has lived all over the world and work across a broad range of industries mostly in management consulting, commercialisation and sales training.

Since the start of her career, she loves to connect people to solve problems and find win-win options. Networking, meeting new people, and listening to problems while finding solutions. Her mission is to revolutionise the way we learn and teach throughout the world. Learning for her is accomplished though the transfer of knowledge from someone who has it, through to someone who needs it.

Something Interesting about you

Cristina is an avid dancer. From a young age she just loved music and movement. This love of dancing lead her to meet her now husband.

What are you famous for?

Her bubbly personality, energy and enthusiasm.



I: https://instagram.com/cc_offer.validation
W: https://freeguide.growyourbrandwithimpact.com/

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