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Living a Joyful Life of Purpose and Meaning; with Ian Westmoreland

October 25, 2022 Season 2 Episode 42
6 Star Leaders
Living a Joyful Life of Purpose and Meaning; with Ian Westmoreland
Show Notes

In this episode I met with a person who has spent his adult life actively pursuing his purpose.

He’s an entrepreneur, grandfather, mentor and much more.

Our conversation brought out some of his greatest challenges and lessons so far, and highlighted the gifts along the way.

He is a person who demonstrates how to live on purpose each and every day.  

I present to you, Ian Westmoreland.  

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

05:00 - the beginning of the journey

09:02 - the pull for more meaning in his work

09:30 - the MAGIC moment of clarity

20:26 - the motivation behind the first entrepreneurial venture

22:15 - we all have a purpose 

30:02 - the village connection

and much more…

Here’s some information about our guest:

Ian Westmoreland, Founder of Mentoring Men and Kintsugi Heroes

On 10 September 2013 I experienced a life changing moment that led to a decision to retire from paid work in May 2014 and commence a volunteer mentoring career.

I initially volunteered with the Raise Foundation, Kidshope and COACH mentoring programs and then in 2018 after experiencing a life challenge I searched for an organisation that provided free long-term one to one “life” mentoring to Australian men.

I was surprised and disappointed to find that no suitable program existed especially for a demographic that historically struggles with vulnerability and who would benefit from having someone support them in their life journey. In response I commenced development of the Mentoring Men program in June 2018 and the program was officially launched by Julian Leeser, Federal Member for Berowra in November 2018.

I am currently establishing Kintsugi Heroes with a purpose of “uncovering our hidden value” and it will provide uplifting and inspirational content to people who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing significant life challenges. The podcast launch will be late 2022 and the first Kindle and printed book are expected to be published in Q1 2023.

Something Interesting About You

I used to import squash & tennis rackets

I ran a milk bar

I have 12 grandkids

I won a gold medal playing tennis in the World Masters Games

I broke my collarbone twice

What Are You Famous For?

I was on the front page of the Australian Newspaper in the 1960s for pretending to play a didgeridoo in the Dandenong Town Hall

I was interviewed live on Sky News a couple of years ago - https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/mentoring-men-organisation-aims-to-help-australian-men-with-mental-health-issues/video/f364084f0dc40de127ac9bfa5baceacb




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