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A New Paradigm to Survive & Thrive as an Employer ; with Tom Hitchcock & Kabel Vafilopoulos - #52

February 01, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 4
6 Star Business
A New Paradigm to Survive & Thrive as an Employer ; with Tom Hitchcock & Kabel Vafilopoulos - #52
Show Notes

Today’s podcast is our first one recorded for 2022! It was wonderful, and our guests Tom and Kabel were aligned and on point!

Here’s a snapshot of what we discussed:

07:44 - Kabel’s vulnerable journey

13:47 - the ‘big resignation’ for people

18:10 - being a 6 star employer

27:25 - gems for the year ahead

37:18 - the power of being unique

plus lots more…


Here’s some information about our guests:

Tom Hitchcock

Tom Hitchcock (yes, THAT Hitchcock – Alf is a distant relative) is a serial entrepreneur who has created businesses all over the world including the UK, Spain, and Australia. After opening and running 5 successful Call Centres with over 130 employees in Spain, Tom set his sights on Australia and hasn’t looked back since, bringing international experience and a genuine desire to help people with him.

Converting his Sales skills into recruitment, Tom excelled in some of the top recruitment agencies in Australia including “billing the biggest month ever blah”. Ever the revolutionary, Tom opened his own agency, Purple Patch Consulting, knowing that he wanted to be part of the small but influential Recruiter 2.0 who recognized that chop shop recruitment was on its way out and that meaningful and efficient recruitment was the way forward. 

A speaker, an accredited Mentor (he has worked with Mark Bouris of ‘The Apprentice” fame) and a dynamic business man, Tom is quietly carving out a niche for himself as a thinker who is implementing disruptive change, combining technology and the human condition for an unstoppable combination.


LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/recruiterandsalestrainer/

W: https://www.purplepatchconsulting.com/

Kabel Vafiopulous

Founder & CEO, Love Is The Answer

Kabel is an energetic, passionate, caring leader that believes in equality for all living beings.

With a career spanning 25+ years in sales and leadership chasing the top end of corporate clients Kabel now runs his Social Enterprise, Love Is The Answer, that helps THOSE who help OTHERS.

Kabel is a strong advocate and speaker on mental health having dealt with depression and anxiety as a high functioning person for the last 14 years and recently also dealing with ptsd from a tragic car accident in early 2020.  Kabel survived a stroke in 2017 that brought his mental health issues into the daylight for the first time and has been on a journey since to be real, relatable and connect deeply with people. 

Love Is The Answer is an enterprise that helps charities, organisations and community groups filling the gaps in society by helping them with their business, operations, expenses and sales strategies so that they can do more good work. 





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