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Use Your Creator Magic to Sprinkle 6 Stars Everywhere; with Pamela Cowan & Endre Hoffmann - #41

November 02, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 41
6 Star Business
Use Your Creator Magic to Sprinkle 6 Stars Everywhere; with Pamela Cowan & Endre Hoffmann - #41
Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast we welcomed two complimentary souls - Pamela Cowan and Endre Hoffmann.  What a gem of a conversation this was!  

If you want to learn more about human behaviour and what it means to be 6 Star from the mind and soul, then this is it!

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

11:42 - our beliefs and bias start from birth

15:42 - trying to figure things out

19:15 - the subconscious filters

23:26 - shift your belief, change your life

27:51 - solo 6 star businesses

42:58 - your results is the printout of your programming

and lots more…


Here's some more information about our guests:

Pamela Cowan

CEO & Founder, Build Resilience

Pamela cares deeply about individuals retaining their sense of purpose. Her ‘why’ is to develop Neuroleaders , who are skilled at empowering themselves and others to achieve resilience in their personal and professional goals. Complementing her 15-plus years of experience her expertise in learning & development, organizational strategy, with a unique blend of disciplines in the brain and mind sciences, she aids in clients' pursuit of purpose, passion, mission, and the power of resilience.

What Are You Famous For?

My resilience

Endre Hoffman

CEO & Founder,  The Doctor of Self-Worth

I help people to restore Self-Worth & move rapidly toward goals. I find typical areas of life connected to Self-Worth money, wealth, biz, career, communication, relationships, inner peace, health. 

My clients started to call me the Doctor of Self-worth. I find the root of the low Self-Worth mind virus with accuracy and speed. Then I access the mind to do instant surgery on negative emotions and limitations to facilitate fast & lasting transformations. I am so present and I create such a safe place for my clients that they experience life new after each meeting. Specifically that is dropping old paradigms and connecting to a new identity that is living in peace, creativity, joy and fun. 

We usually find that there is new version of my clients inviting from the future who is playing a much bigger game.


LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/endre-hoffmann-06379017/

F: https://www.facebook.com/Doctor.of.Self.Worth/

The purpose of the 6 Star Business is to bring awareness, connection and ingenuity to businesses aiming to shine today and into the future through more than 5 star reviews.  We are here to lift businesses to create a better future.

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Your hosts,

Aveline & Pete