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Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results; with Nancy Slessenger & Darren Bartsch - #38

October 12, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 38
6 Star Business
Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results; with Nancy Slessenger & Darren Bartsch - #38
Show Notes

In this episode of the 6 Star Business Podcast we welcome Nancy Slessenger and Darren Bartsch. Two elite individuals in very different ways and in different countries!

From learning about cocktail parties to elite sports playing and asking deep questions, this conversation had us entertained and engaged on many levels.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

10:35 - wanting to improve their industry

17:16 - choosing the wrong business industry

20:05 - a strategy for analysing excellence

27:07 - making incorrect assumptions 

39:45 - expertise and solving problems

46:52 - be curious about what customers really need

Plus lots more…


Nancy Slessenger

Founder & CEO, Vinehouse Hiring

Nancy is the author of over 20 publications including “How to Write Objectives that Work” with sales of over 500,000 copies and “Difficult People Made Easy”, a booklet of practical tips for dealing with people you find difficult.  

She started Vinehouse essential Ltd in 1995, as a management training and consultancy company. 

Nancy was asked to help a client in Australia hire people for his business. The result was the process she developed and honed that now achieves a success rate of over 88% (compared with the average success rate of 25 – 30%). It was developed to work remotely so was ideal for the Covid situation.

Her company, Vinehouse Hiring, now specialises in recruitment and hiring for small to medium sized owner run businesses in the English-speaking world. Vinehouse has clients in US, Canada and Australia as well as the UK and is the only company offering a one-year guarantee on all its hires. 

She believes that you should always be able to give candidates clear, honest and helpful feedback on why they were successful or unsuccessful. 

Nancy has used the expertise built up in management skills, setting goals and working with “difficult people” to help her clients more clearly define what they need in a new employee, make sure their new hires are successful and to reduce the risk of costly hiring mistakes. As a result Vinehouse offers a 12 month guarantee on their candidates and will replace them free of charge, if they don’t work out (for any reason) during that time. This includes if they are run over by a bus.

Something Interesting About You:

I once wrote a letter to Margaret Thatcher to complain about something she had done and got a job as a result of it.




Darren Bartsch

Founder & CEO, Barrana

Darren Bartsch is the founder of Barrana, a full-stack software development company that helps businesses solve problems with Software; anything from Custom Software, CRM, Web applications, Blockchain Technologies to Apps.

Something Interesting About You:

Played football at the MCG in Melbourne in front of over 80,000 people.



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