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Why Keeping Things Simple Is The Most Powerful 6 Star Ingredient; with Robin Miles & Joanna Zhang - #25

July 13, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 25
6 Star Business
Why Keeping Things Simple Is The Most Powerful 6 Star Ingredient; with Robin Miles & Joanna Zhang - #25
Show Notes

This episode with Joanna and Robin was full of truth bombs and amazing nuggets of wisdom.

We talked about how to manage people having to do the same thing over and over and ways we can engage them, encourage them, and make them feel like they have the power to control how good they feel in their day to day jobs.

Stopping and reaching out to a person for a quick chat, an invitation to think bigger or differently, or words of encouragement - are all ways we can create moments of pause, meaning, connection and power.  

Here's a summary of what we discussed:

11:40 - High performance is not always about being ‘on’

15:10 - Opportunities to learn come every single day

18:30 - We have created our own intellectual paralysis

22:24 - How his staff were saving lives

24:42 - When people are connected, they are happy

33:33 - Just pick 1 thing to do each day that moves you

46:00 - Clarity and Commitment 


Robin gives us the ONE QUESTION to ask our staff (and ourselves) to create a difference worthy of change.


Here's some details on our guests:

Joanna Zhang
Founder, The Entrepreneurs Soulmate

I’m a busy working mum with dedicated entrepreneurship along the way, so I fully understand what it takes to grow a business, build a brand and Authority in your market place and do all the tasks that are required to make your family and your business run smoothly (let alone make it profitable and fun as well).

I created The "Entrepreneurs Soulmate" because I was seeing too many small business owners who were tired, stressed, struggling and not getting ahead financially – at the same time, struggling with the responsibilities they have between their family, work and making sure they and their business are on track financially.

That's why I've created a star team service, called "The Operations Genius". Where we help established and growing entrepreneurs to focus on their genius so as to empower themselves for business expansion and work/life balance.


YT: https://youtube.com/channel/UCViTPty9wg9JXwHMvoKWnkA 

W: https://operationsgenius.net/  

LI: linkedin.com/in/zhang-joanna

Robin Miles
Founder, InspireMe Consulting

InspireMe Consulting is a high performance coaching and consulting company empowering individuals, teams and organisations to achieve breakthrough results through conscious and collaborative decision making.

Clients work with us because they want to reconnect with their purpose, to reignite passion and get support in taking the inspired action needed to take their personal and/or professional performance to the next level.


LI: linkedin.com/in/highperformancecoach
W: https://inspiremeconsulting.com.au
W: https://geelongconsulting.com  

The purpose of the 6 Star Business is to bring awareness, connection and ingenuity to businesses aiming to shine today and into the future through more than 5 star reviews.  We are here to lift businesses to create a better future. 

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Your hosts,

Aveline & Pete