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Why You’re Responsible For The Size Of Your Own Ripple Effect; with Susanne le Boutillier & James Brown - #24

July 09, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 24
6 Star Business
Why You’re Responsible For The Size Of Your Own Ripple Effect; with Susanne le Boutillier & James Brown - #24
Show Notes

In this episode we sat down with Susanne le Boutillier and James Brown, who gave us a ride and a half! We covered everything from expectations in relationships, to the cost of business, and the link between profit and people.

Many gold nuggets were shared in this wonderful conversation, and we urge you to sit and listen closely to the wisdom within.

11:47 - Dealing with humans means dealing with people with changing expectations

13:33 - Going beneath the surface to have better relationships

15:07 - The opposite of 6 star connection in a hotel experience

19:03 - The triple win in Business

21:28 - How people use perception management to cheat at ‘making a difference’

22:27 - Accreditations build trust

28:52 - Where differences lie between profit and people focus

38:10 - How hard is it for a ‘start up’ or cash poor biz to be purpose driven?


Susanne describes the ripples we make in the community as being our responsibility to watch and manage.  

What a pebble she dropped on us after James had explained “the Triple Win”!

Sit back and enjoy :) 

Susanne le Boutillier

Managing Director, Aedanna 

I believe in the power of culture, the strength of community and the importance of allies in enabling the aspirations of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

I help people explore situations using a mix of evidence-based techniques and the intuition I developed throughout my Executive career.

After many years in the Queensland public service, I now focus on helping people and organisations change for the better at a personal, team or system level.


LI: https://linkedin.com/in/susanneleboutillier

W: https://susanneleboutillier.com

James Brown

Business Coach & Consultant

James is a business coach and consultant who specialises in helping small business owners work less within their business, so they can focus on things that are more important.  He helps create businesses that run smoother while making greater profit using his 20+ years of small business management experience.

He has had success in systemising and stepping out of his own award-winning business to pursue new ventures, and loves nothing more than helping other people achieve the same freedom. Based out of Adelaide, he serves businesses Australia-wide and beyond, and has a wealth of experience in industries including tourism, construction, property, and manufacturing.

Something Interesting About You:

- Fairly big adrenaline junkie (board-sports)

- A (reformed?) car nut. Especially, retro and modified Japanese classics.


LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/technology-coach/

F: https://facebook.com/BusinessTechnologyCoaching

W: biztechguru.com.au

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