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Why We Need to Embrace Our Uncertainty and “Just Get Over It”; with Peta Marshall & Trav Bell - #20

June 25, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 20
6 Star Business
Why We Need to Embrace Our Uncertainty and “Just Get Over It”; with Peta Marshall & Trav Bell - #20
Show Notes

In this episode we welcome Peta Marshall and Trav Bell, where we covered many topics and started with breakdowns, bees and what it means to have a regret free life!

This is a fun and engaging episode and we know you’ll love it.  Sit back, strap in, and let Trav and Peta share some genius magic with you :) 

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

8:36 - The digital disruption and the impact on sole traders and tradies

10:51 - Where the tradies fall down

16:24 - Adapting to change in our hybrid workplace

18:35 - Our brain fighting uncertainty

25:02 - How truck drivers had to adapt and change

29:35 - Fully embracing IT ALL enables us to be 6 Star

33:58 - Why Robots won’t ever replace humans


Peta closed us out with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt that summed it all up in a few short seconds… beautifully!


Here is some information on our guests and where you can find them:

Peta Marshall

Founder, PM Digital Partnerships

Business Change Management Consultant

I am experienced in delivering Organisational Digital Transformations with sustainable Artificial Intelligence and Data Culture strategies and ICT Business Change Management.

By using a people-centric approach with proven employee adoption methodologies, I have successfully enabled teams to seamlessly transition to the new processes and technologies with minimal impacts to business as usual.

Something Interesting About You:

I have 4 horses, 3 dogs, 2 chickens and 10,000 bees.


W: https://pmdigitalpartnerships.com/

LI: linkedin.com/in/peta-marshall

Trav Bell

Keynote Speaker, Coach, Founder CEO: The Bucket List Guy

Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy...The Worldʼs #1 Bucket List Expert.

As a self-appointed ʻBucket Listologistʼ, Trav helps people live their Bucket List before it’s too late! His unique life-engagement message really wakes you up, stops ground-hog days and helps you to experience more fulfilment.

He says, “A Bucket List is a tangible Life Plan...where our Business Plan or Career Plan should fit into our Life Plan & not be the other way around.”

He is the author of the best-selling book, the MY BUCKETLIST BLUEPRINT, a TEDx Thought Leader, a Certified Speaking Professional & is also the Founder CEO of Bucket List Coaches who are now on a mission to help 10 million BucketListers #tickitB4Ukickit.

Before Trav became ʻThe Bucket List Guyʼ, he founded & franchised a chain of personal training studios across Australia. Starting with 1 client, he & his team went on to do over 2 million personal training sessions & motivated 10's of 1000's of clients.

This is why Trav is now regarded as one of the world’s most in-demand motivation speakers.


I: https://instagram.com/bucketlistguy.travbell

F: https://www.facebook.com/travis.bell.54

W: www.thebucketlistguy.com

LI: linkedin.com/in/travbell

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