6 Star Business

The Interplay between Self Awareness and Our Success; with Rebecca Newman - #16

June 11, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 16
6 Star Business
The Interplay between Self Awareness and Our Success; with Rebecca Newman - #16
Show Notes

 This is a very unique episode, because we only have 1 guest!

Even though we were down a guest, Rebecca’s genius and friendly nature definitely made up for it. She spoke effortlessly about all the things that underpin her beliefs, motivations and experiences that equate to the ‘6 star’ experience.

An adventure with an incredible lady; this was a pure delight.


Here’s a snapshot of what we covered:

14:45 - how Rebecca’s grandparents met and built a business together

21:51 - how Rebecca KNEW when she was aligned with the ‘big purpose’ 

23:09 - where do we need to focus first, in creating a ‘better’ business?

27:11 - mixing play with business as a fuel for greater success

33:43 - using DiSC as a way to look at different behavioural types in humans

36:01 - is there a best way to run a business successfully?

41:36 - advice for the micro, solopreneur wanting to scale


Rebecca explained how we can answer the world’s call for our value..

Here is some information on our guest and where you can find her:

Rebecca Newman

Founder and Growth Architect, The Grow Project
Co-Founder, Newmark Constructions

I'm a portfolio entrepreneur and growth architect with a huge passion for creating the life and business of one's dreams.  I have two businesses, three babies, and only work 100 days each year.  I have always loved business, and it has been a 'play' space for me and a place I have grown - pushing me and my capabilities, extending my experience, and a significant meeting spot for getting to know some incredible people.

LI: linkedin.com/in/rebeccanewmanonline

W: thegrowproject.com.au
W: http://newmark.com.au/

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Your hosts,
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