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Can Force Or Readiness Hinder Your Ability To Change? With Steve Barlow & Mike Irving - #10

May 18, 2021 Aveline Clarke & Peter Daly-Dickson Season 1 Episode 10
6 Star Business
Can Force Or Readiness Hinder Your Ability To Change? With Steve Barlow & Mike Irving - #10
Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast we have Steve Barlow from The Change Gym, and Mike Irving from Advanced Business Abilities.  This episode was incredibly insightful and educational, and we learnt a lot from these masters at human behaviour and ‘inner performance’.

Here are some key highlights of what we explored:

12:18 People have to change; it’s a given

13:00 In order for us to be the best, we need to change

18:40 Where we have learnt to ‘play it safe’

21:28 Quote from Einstein: “we’re all prisoners of our own mind”

27:15 The feeling of quitting - and how to push through

30:05 How our beliefs shape everything we experience

35:08 The concept of ‘force’ and how it spoils our journey

40:38 We are all ready to change at different levels

45:26 What stops most businesses from being 6 star

Plus more…

We never know where an episode is going to take us, or what magic evolves from the union of two people organically put together on a show.  Which is part of the unique experience and joy of the 6 star business podcast.

As Mike talked about force being something that should be recognised immediately and eradicated in our lives - both personal and business - Steve explained how we all have different levels of ability to change, and that determines largely how quickly and readily we will reach ‘the next level’.

Surely if we want to expand beyond our current thinking and operating we need to move beyond those outer barriers and face our uncomfortable moments - to reach the other side.

Sit back, listen to these wise words, and see where they take you.


Here is some information on both guests and where you can find them:

Dr Steve Barlow

Leadership Coach and Organisational Change Specialist, The Change Gym

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachtrainer/

W: thechangegym.com

I have been a coach for the past 20+ years. Over that time I have coached more than 3000 people in 16 countries. I hold a PhD in my field of coaching expertise and help leaders develop their change capacity and the change capacity of the people they lead. My coaching program forms part of the curriculum in a Master of Leadership program at the University of Tasmania. I have written 5 books on change readiness and change fitness and spoken at numerous conferences in Australia and Europe.

Mike Irving

Peak Performance Facilitator - Sales & Communication Skills, Advanced Business Abilities

LI: linkedin.com/in/irvingmike

W: advancedbusinessabilities.com/ 

I've created a system for selling called the Resistance Removal Sales System by combing my study of the mind with 23 years experience in sales. This system supports you to sell in a way that mirrors how the mind of your client works, which dramatically increases sales conversions and profitability.

Through my programs, I help business owners to be, do, have, experience and create anything and everything they want in their business.

The purpose of the Six Star Business is to bring awareness, connection and ingenuity to businesses aiming to shine today and into the future through more than 5 star reviews.  We are here to lift businesses to create a better future. 

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Your hosts,
Aveline & Pete