6 Star Leaders

Leading Change in the Accounting World; with Sarah Pyke

December 19, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 46
6 Star Leaders
Leading Change in the Accounting World; with Sarah Pyke
Show Notes

We are thrilled to share the last episode of the 6 Star Leaders podcast for 2023, featuring an engaging and insightful conversation with Sarah Pyke, the owner of Bond Financial and a remarkable leader in the accounting industry.

In this episode, we delve into Sarah's journey as a business owner and advocate for conscious and empathetic accounting services. Sarah discusses her experiences in the industry, the impact of her personal growth on her leadership style, and the importance of meaningful connections in business.

Throughout the episode, Sarah emphasizes the value of self-awareness and the transformative impact of embracing one's personality in a leadership role. She shares her vision for Bond Financial, her commitment to creating a positive work culture, and her passion for serving clients with empathy and dedication.

Aveline and Sarah explore the significance of valuing people over profit, the impact of past experiences on shaping one's business vision, and the importance of prioritizing customer service and employee happiness.

The conversation takes a deeply personal turn as Sarah openly discusses her own journey of self-reflection, seeking therapy, and the challenges she faced in the workplace. This vulnerability resonates with Aveline and our listeners, highlighting the evolving nature of leadership and the power of building meaningful relationships in the business world.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

10:06 - Aims to enact inclusive change in finance.

14:38 - Disapproval led to disciplinary action and termination.

20:40 - Valuing people is essential for successful business.

26:29 - Seeking tax experts for better customer service.

28:58 - Self-awareness key to finding life's purpose.

33:09 - Not believing in perfection; self-reflection in leadership.

plus loads more…


Here’s some information about our guest, Sarah:

Having worked for some of Australia's largest accounting firms, before being fired for taking a holiday for my birthday in June of 2022, I'm a female accountant striving to shake up the stale, pale, white old male industry that is accounting.

Owner of Bond Financial, a boutique accounting firm, i resonate with the quote made famous by the CEO of Southwest Airlines - We are in the customer service business - we just happen to provide airline transportation (or in our case - accounting services!).

What Are You Famous For, Sarah?

Being very responsive. I've had clients' ask if i'm ok after 48 hrs of not hearing from me. Also being loud. I have a very passion and loud voice and laugh haha

Something Interesting about Sarah:

I was an Olympic torch bearer for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games

Here's How You Can Contact Sarah:

Instagram: @Bond_financial_sydney

Website: www.bondfinancial.com.au

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