6 Star Leaders

The Power of Love in Business; with Alan Wick

November 07, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 42
6 Star Leaders
The Power of Love in Business; with Alan Wick
Show Notes

In this episode, Alan shares his incredible journey, from his early days in a business-owning family to his experiences renting out sound equipment and touring with bands. We delve into how a stroke completely changed Alan's perspective on life and motivated him to keep his promises to himself. We explore how this life-altering event has made him more empathetic and driven to help others.

We also discuss Alan's passion for working with companies that have a purpose and values aligned with the triple bottom line - planet, people, and profit. Alan takes us on a deep dive into his unconventional approach of bringing love into business and how it has attracted clients who see their business as a force for good.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

08:06 - Successful business ventures, global expansion, mergers.

10:58 - Built successful company, sold it, made mistakes.

15:23 - Changed from arrogant to understanding through experience.

19:46 - Stroke survivor finds humility, helps others.

24:53 - Shifted focus to sustainable, purpose-driven companies.

29:10 - Pandemic's impact: industries affected both ways.

35:04 - Aligned Quadruple bottom line business focused on excellence, values people, planet, profit, purpose. 

47:30 - Purpose guides business, interviews, and direction. Measurement matters. 

49:38 - Business is about serving and improving lives.

and much more…


Here’s Some Information About Our Guest, Alan:

Alan Wick, Coach & Management Consultant

Alan Wick is a renowned business coach and management consultant who has specialised in supporting growth-minded entrepreneurs for 22 years. Prior to this, he spent 25 years founding, scaling and selling businesses nationally and internationally. This experience has been key to helping his clients take their businesses where they want them to go (one of the companies he led won two Queen’s Awards for Export and one Queen’s Award for Innovation). 

Alan guides small business owners by sharing his experiences and stories, helping them overcome their obstacles to reach their goals more quickly and with less stress, through a rigorous process underpinned with love. This leads to a future with increased profits and impact, without working longer hours. He is purpose-led, values influence over profit, and does business in a way that balances commerce and compassion, putting long-term sustainability ahead of short-term profit.

Something Interesting About Alan:

I tried very hard to be a pop star when I was (much) younger!

What are you famous for?

Love in business.

Here’s how you can contact Alan:

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanwick

T: https://twitter.com/alanwick

FB: https://www.facebook.com/alanwicklovebusiness

I: https://www.instagram.com/alancwick/

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