6 Star Leaders

Embracing Your Golden Thread for Greater Impact in Business; with Jumana Adler

October 31, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 41
6 Star Leaders
Embracing Your Golden Thread for Greater Impact in Business; with Jumana Adler
Show Notes

This week’s podcast welcomes Jumana Adler to the show! Jumana is a visionary leader helping corporate and entrepreneur business leaders find fulfilment by connecting with their genius and unlocking the flow of freedom in their lives.

Throughout this conversation, Jumana shares her powerful insights on the importance of embracing our unique gifts and finding our "golden thread." She reminds us that these gifts may not fully reveal themselves until we have gone through certain experiences and initiations, allowing us to appreciate their true value and not take them for granted.

Jumana also emphasizes the significance of businesses staying in their lane, serving their customers' interests, and operating from a place of service and integrity. She challenges us to question assumptions, conduct our own research, and embrace diversity rather than judging others based on differences.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

19:07 - Discovering gifts, unlocking golden thread, shifting energies

20:51 - Unaware of GMOs and toxins in products.

25:14 - Questioning, empowering, inspiring: COVID's impact on trust.

39:12 - Breakups happen, fear keeps people stuck.

44:27 - Journey, learnings, integrity, self-reflection, challenging, revealing, process.

50:09 - Truly aligned energy attracts joy and magic.

and much more…


Here’s Some Information About Our Guest, Jumana

Jumana Adler, Founder of JumanaInc

Jumana helps corporate and entrepreneur business leaders feel fulfilled knowing their life's work creates a meaningful impact, while also ensuring they don't end up being irrelevant. She does this through an accelerated business transformation process that connects with the magic of your genius, anchors you into your purpose, and unlocks the flow of freedom, which is part of her life’s purpose.

Her experience includes both entrepreneurship and working in the corporate world. With her natural ability to spot opportunities to do things better, she supports business leaders who want to thrive amid the significant market shifts we are experiencing as a collective.

With her Accelerated Business Transformation Process, she provides an empowered connection with your business by utilizing energetics in a unique way that blends the ethereal and practical. 

Something Interesting About Jumana:

My name means silver pearl.

What Are You Famous For?

Shaking up the status quo. Understanding and trusting my inner compass above all else. And empowering others to do the same.

Here’s how you can contact Jumana:

LI: linkedin.com/in/jumanaadler

IG: @jumanainc

W: https://www.jumanainc.com/

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