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Nurturing Mental Health for Success in Business & Life; with Dr Traci Potterf

September 12, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 34
6 Star Leaders
Nurturing Mental Health for Success in Business & Life; with Dr Traci Potterf
Show Notes

In this episode we met with Dr. Traci Potterf, a renowned functional health practitioner and expert in anxiety management. 

Growing up in the medical world, with her father being a psychiatrist, Dr. Potterf brings a wealth of early exposure and insights into the stigmatized perception of mental health. She discusses her personal experience with panic attacks and how this pushed her to explore alternative avenues for healing, beyond conventional medication and therapy.

During our conversation, Traci shared a number of key insights and learnings from her journey that apply to everyone who cares about their mental health and well-being.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

  • Strategies for Self-Care and Well-being
  • Environmental Toxins and Health
  • Productivity and Self-Care in Business
  • Cultural Anthropology and Scientific Research
  • Anxiety as a Symptom and Holistic Healing
  • Pleasure and Prioritizing Self-Care
  • Self-Care During Difficult Times

and much more…


Here’s Some Information About Our Guest, Dr Traci:

Dr Traci Potterf, PhD, Founder of Inner Genius Health with Dr. Traci

Dr. Traci Potterf, PhD, is a Functional Health anxiety detective and founder of InnerGeniusHealth.com. As a practitioner, speaker and writer, she helps growth minded professionals overwhelmed by anxiety to find and fix the hidden causes with natural solutions so they can live a limitless life at peace in their own skin.  She loves helping entrepreneurs and executives understand the crucial roll of aligning their mental and physical health with their professional goals, as opposed to the tendency to sacrifice the former for the latter. She received her PhD from UC Berkeley where she participated in a joint program with UCSF Medical School as a Javits fellow. From being a psychiatrist’s daughter, former medical anthropologist and recovered debilitating anxiety sufferer, she sees a unique way out of the mental health epidemic that she’s on a mission to share with the world.

Something Interesting About You:

I started out as a medical anthropologist where I realized that the impacts of industrialized culture on indigenous peoples was causing the same mental and physical illnesses that we struggle with. I speak Spanish. I started visiting Mexico when I was 14, lived in Spain for 2 years and did my doctoral research in Cuba under Castro's rule, where I witnessed first hand the impacts of dictatorship, poverty and the US embargo on everyday people there. I also teach one yoga class a week for fun, do aerial and am passionate about dance, including its healing potential.

What Are You Famous For?

Being a tenacious health detective and patient advocate as well as helping lay people understand complex science while providing "warm fuzzy nurture."

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Here’s How You Can Contact Traci:

W: https://innergeniushealth.com/

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