6 Star Leaders

Overcoming Barriers to Achieve What You Want; with Darshan Chavan

September 05, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 33
6 Star Leaders
Overcoming Barriers to Achieve What You Want; with Darshan Chavan
Show Notes

In this week's episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with an extraordinary entrepreneur, Darshan Chavan, who has overcome numerous barriers and achieved remarkable success.

Darshan is an expert in helping clients understand their desired outcomes and identifying the obstacles that prevent them from scaling their businesses. By utilizing personality profiling techniques, amongst others, he assists his clients in finding the perfect person to help achieve their objectives. Darshan emphasizes the importance of finding the right individuals for your business rather than solely focusing on the "how" of things.

Here are some key highlights of our conversation:

04:17 - Moved to Australia for studies, discovered sales.

13:41 - Motivation from student debt leads to success.

18:51 - Personal development journey sparked by Brian Tracy.

22:05 - Parents shocked, set goals, proved skeptics wrong

33:00 - Five-year business journey, value-driven approach succeeds.

46:26 - Help clients achieve outcomes, delegate tasks. 

59:25 - "Think positive, achieve success, live big"

and much more...

Here’s Some Information About Our Guest, Darshan:

Darshan Chavan, Founder & CEO, Get My Course

Hello there! I'm Darshan Chavan, an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for driving business growth and revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape. Over the past 8 years, I've achieved remarkable success in the business world, turning my first company into a six-figure enterprise within just four months using meticulously crafted cold-calling and outreach strategies. This feat led me to earn the prestigious title of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Accelerator of the Year in 2021.

I'm more than just a businessman. I'm a thought leader and influencer in the world of entrepreneurship. My insights and ideas have reached a global audience through a TEDx talk that's been viewed over 66,000 times, and in 2023, I was recognized by Forbes for my work and influence. I'm also incredibly proud of my startup, Get My Course, which earned a place in the "Australian Financial Review's Fast 100 Start-up list" in 2022, coming in at an impressive 66th spot. In 2023, Get My Course was further honored with the Stevie Award for Sales and Revenue Generation, a testament to our innovative approach in transforming lives through upskilling.

My personal philosophy is heavily influenced by Tony Robbins, whose teachings have been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional life. I'm an ardent bio-hacker, taking care of my physical health with techniques such as ice baths, blue light-blocking glasses, cryotherapy, red light saunas, and nootropics.

In my current venture, I'm focused on sharing my knowledge and expertise with other business owners, helping them build high-performance remote teams and foster an environment where they can pursue their passions. My areas of expertise include scaling business using remote teams, business growth strategies, harnessing remote teams' power for productivity, effective leadership and team building, and people management for business growth.

Here’s How You Can Contact Darshan:

W: www.scale-x.biz

LI: linkedin.com/in/dar

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