6 Star Leaders

Breaking the Mould of Business and Life; with Rachel Elnaugh-Love

August 29, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 32
6 Star Leaders
Breaking the Mould of Business and Life; with Rachel Elnaugh-Love
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of 6 Star Business! Today, we are joined by an incredible guest, Rachel Elnaugh-Love. 

Rachel is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, mentor, coach, and champion of personal empowerment. We delve into the fine line between success and failure, and explore the importance of finding the gifts and lessons hidden within the worst moments of life. 

Rachel also discusses the need to break free from societal norms and reconnect with nature and community. We touch on topics such as reclaiming sovereignty, holistic education, sustainable living, and the impact of consumerism. Rachel's vision for a different future, co-created by women and evolved men, is truly inspiring. 

Join us as we explore the power of pattern interrupting, the balance between profit and purpose, and the significance of following one's intuition in business and in life. 

Get ready for an eye-opening conversation filled with wisdom, empowerment, and the possibility of creating a new golden era. Let's dive in!

Here are some key highlights of our conversation:

- Stepping out of constant programming and media influence

- Importance of businesses being about more than just money

- Restoring balance and flow in business

- Importance of intuition and reading energy in business and marketing

- Saying yes to opportunities and trusting the universe

- Stepping into one's purpose and mission in life

- Questioning traditional boundaries of what constitutes a business


Here’s Some Information About Our Guest, Rachel:

Rachel Elnaugh-Love, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor, Author, Leader

Former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’, Rachel Elnaugh-Love is the British entrepreneur who created the £multi-million market leading ‘Red Letter Days’ experience brand.  She is now a business speaker, published author and award winning business mentor, co-creator of the digital publishing and marketing platform for evolutionaries www.source.tv and outspoken commentator on the Global Corporate Hostile Takeover Bid (aka ‘The Great Reset’) currently underway.  In June 2022 she co-created a conscious community who crowdfunded the acquisition of c70 acres of beautiful, magical land at Cressbrook Dale in the Peak District.  In January 2023 Rachel co-founded the LOVE (Liberation Opportunity Vitality Empowerment) Party which has since evolved into the LOVE Movement.

Something Interesting About You:

I am passionate about Feng Shui, Astrology, the I Ching and all forms of Divination

What Are You Famous For?

Probably most famous for starring as a 'Dragon' in the first two series of BBCTV's Dragons' Den

YouTube Episode:


Here’s How You Can Contact Rachel:


TELEGRAM - Rachel Speaks Out https://t.me/rachelspeaksout

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