6 Star Leaders

Honouring Our Uniqueness to Create a Business & Life We Love; with Lloyd Thompson

August 22, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 31
6 Star Leaders
Honouring Our Uniqueness to Create a Business & Life We Love; with Lloyd Thompson
Show Notes

In this episode I met with Lloyd Thompson, who shares his insights on tailoring services to the client's priorities, the power of regular conversations, and the flexibility that comes with operating a business with remote teams. 

He explored the significance of aligning team interests with projects, the balance between operational efficiency and personal time, and the value of empathetic and adaptable leadership.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

08:27 - Moved to Australia

16:09 - Hiring mistakes and learning from business experiences

24:36 - Entrepreneurs benefit from community and collaboration

36:13 - Focus on emotional intelligence 

39:12 - Management style: focus on outcomes, not monitoring

46:21 - The importance of Listening and adapting

Plus much more..


Here's some information about Lloyd:

Lloyd Thompson, Founder & CEO, Virtual DOO

Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world in technical and leadership roles, I wanted out.

How could I use my skills elsewhere in People, Projects/Operations, and Process Improvement?

I discovered an opportunity to provide my “Director of Operations” services on a fractional basis to smaller non-corporates that are more nimble and interesting.

Today, my team and I, continue to serve a pick and mix of clients, mostly marketing agencies and e-commerce but also coaching, education, real-estate to a variety of other businesses.

What is interesting, is that even though the business offerings are different, the challenges they need help with are often very similar:

  • The owner is overwhelmed with run activities instead of focussing on implementing their vision and working on strategy.
  • There are people challenges. Are the right people in the right seats? Why do I have to give them all the solutions? How do I resolve this conflict?
  • Projects and Operations could be running smother.

I have since published “9 ways to leave your day-to-day operations” to help business owners know where their blind spots might be and how a Director of Operations can help them if they want to delegate these “ways” to someone else.

Something Interesting About you:

Surfing is my passion.

I enjoy Latin Dancing.

In 2008, a friend and I drove a 1984 Citroen 2CV from London to Mongolia. (WARNING - I can fill 5 podcasts with this!)

What are you famous for?

Systemizing Businesses with Emotional Intelligence:

There are lots of people out there who can help you systemize your business but the real challenge is making it stick. 

Winning hearts and minds is not easy. 

My team and I excel at making your business run like a well oiled machine by working with your team to get the best results. We build connections with “Heart & Humour”, it's a core value of ours. 

Here's how you can contact Lloyd: 




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