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Rethinking Capitalism: A Path to a 6-Star Business and a Better World; with Derek Dearden

August 01, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 28
6 Star Leaders
Rethinking Capitalism: A Path to a 6-Star Business and a Better World; with Derek Dearden
Show Notes

In this episode we meet with Derek Dearden, who’s not your typical entrepreneur. 

With a background in computer engineering, stockbroking, and coaching, Derek has always had a different perspective on business. But it was a pivotal moment during his teenage years, amid fears of nuclear war and societal decline, that set him on a path of questioning the fundamental nature of our economic systems and the way we conduct business.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Derek shares his insights on how the current state of capitalism has become dysfunctional, and why it's crucial for business owners to prioritize collaboration, integrity, and serving humanity. We'll explore Derek's vision of a 6-star business, where profit is not the sole focus, and discover his belief that we are at a critical point in human history, where we have the opportunity to create a world that values prosperity, peace, and fulfilment for all.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

22:37 Pivotal moments: Cuban missile crisis, reading "Limits to Growth."

34:52 Capitalism is dysfunctional. The assumption of individualism is flawed; cooperation is key in evolution.

39:04 Career journey from computer engineering to entrepreneurship, business ethics.

45:38 Mankind's edge was collaboration and cooperation. 

53:40 Capitalism in 1945-1975 worked for shareholders. Now, pensions are worthless and profit is prioritized over service. 

1:05:38 Book plug: One World, a message of unity.

and much more…


Here’s Some Information about Derek:

Derek Dearden, Creator, Author, Entrepreneur and Innovator. Founder of One World That Works

I've been running a series of enterprises all my life, either solo or in partnership with two or three others. These have been involved with creating electronic designs and computer software in novel ways. For several years I created sound effects units for musicians and studios. Customers included Yes, Pink Floyd and Queen. I designed the first successful computerised stage lighting control desk, which had its debut on the 1984 Michael Jackson World Tour, and was used on many major rock shows for the next twelve years. Prior to setting out on my own, I had worked as an investment analyst at a London stockbroking firm which gave me an insider's perspective on the world of Finance. Since 1971 I have been avidly investigating the systems of the world and the ways that they interact with one another, and the possibilities for humanity to interact harmoniously with the realities of the physical world that we inhabit.

Something Interesting About You

I took up competitive highboard diving at the age of 36, and was European Masters Champion for the 30-39 year age group three years later. My last British Masters Championship win was at the age of 64.

What are You Famous For?

I'm known to be innovative, reliable and inspiring.

Here's How You Can Contact Derek:

W: oneworldthatworks.com

The Book: The Letter from 2100: A Possible World for your Grandchildren

Get it on Amazon here

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