6 Star Leaders

The Art of Surprise and Delight; with Karl Schwantes

July 18, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 26
6 Star Leaders
The Art of Surprise and Delight; with Karl Schwantes
Show Notes

In this episode we meet with Karl Schwantes, a second-generation jewellery store owner and reputation marketing coach.  He focuses on helping his clients achieve 5 star reviews to create credibility and reputation online. 

He emphasizes the importance of surprise and delight in the client experience, and introduces the concept of "Magical Moments of Truth.” Karl enjoys pushing people out of their comfort zones to help them create a remarkable business and believes in having a business that generates income while allowing people to do things that bring them joy. 

Here’s a summary of the key points of our conversation:

  • Success and credibility of Xennox with over 1057 five-star Google reviews
  • Three reasons for being in business: provide for family, deliver amazing results to clients, make a bigger impact in the world
  • Importance of overcoming fear and taking the first steps in reputation marketing
  • Striving to be the best and standing out from the crowd
  • Three rules for revolutionizing the client journey experience

and much more…


Here’s some information about Karl:

Karl Schwantes, Owner Xennox & Founder, My 5 Star Reviews

Karl Schwantes is a Customer Experience Expert and an international

award-winning author, a Telstra business award finalist and winner of

the My Business Awards 2020 for the Best Customer Experience.

Karl has an uncanny eye for quality and uniqueness. As the owner of

Xennox Diamonds, a 47-year-old second-generation family business, his

skill lies not just in making unique jewellery but also in crafting

phenomenal experiences with clients. His clients are left feeling like they

have just been a part of something truly special, which has seen Xennox

Diamonds generate over 1043 x 5 star Google reviews.

In 2020 Karl launched a program sharing all the Xennox business

secrets and showing business owners how to craft remarkable client

experiences that turn great testimonials into Google Reviews that drive

leads and sales in their business 24/7, without spending a dollar on ads.

What are you famous for?

Creating memorable experiences (which often include whisky) 

Something Interesting About You

Father of triplets (4 kids in total under 2) Also spent 10 years in the military as an Artillery Officer 

How to Get In Contact With Karl:

LI: linkedin.com/in/karlschwantes

W: about.me/karlschwantes (Connect with me)

W: xennoxdiamonds.com.au/ (Xennox Diamonds)

FB: facebook.com/xennoxdiamonds/ (Facebook)

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