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The Power of Purposeful Creation: Empowering Women to Live Their Legacies; with Elle Nagy

July 11, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 25
6 Star Leaders
The Power of Purposeful Creation: Empowering Women to Live Their Legacies; with Elle Nagy
Show Notes

On this episode of 6 Star Business, our host Aveline Clarke welcomes guest Elle Nagy, the founder of The Unapologetic Woman. In this thought-provoking conversation, Elle challenges the conventional idea of purpose and invites listeners to consider a different perspective. She asserts that one's ultimate purpose is to evolve consciousness through life experiences, emphasizing the importance of intentional and specific language in defining purpose.

Here’s a summary of our chat:

09:03 - the power of creativity and self-leadership

13:47 - finding purpose

19:15 - behind your fear lies your freedom

28:47 - the power of a good sense of humour

46:26 - the power of language

and much more…


Here’s Some Information about Elle:

Elle Nagy, Founder & CEO, The Unapologetic Woman

Elle is a Self-Leadership Practitioner who helps women consciously create the life they desire through intentionality, balancing mindset with heartset, and taking complete authority over themselves. 

Through her approach, she rempowers women to tap into their intuitive knowing, creative powers, and become their most evolved selves. It's not just about achieving success, but also having the best time of your life unapologetically. 

Her work spans 3 decades with professional qualification including BA (Honours) Psychology, ILS Coaching, Pranic Psychotherapy and Yoga teaching bringing a truly holistic approach to embodiment of greatness potential.

Her book “Keys to Self-leadership” is due for publication in 2023 in which she brings to light new and innovative concepts such as The Herstorian’s Journey and Rempowerment.’’

Something Interesting About You:

Hmmm, Interesting - that's an interesting question in and of itself as what most find interesting about me I find pretty ordinary.  Was born and raised in South Africa.  Have lived in New Zealand for the past seven years after spotting a cool mountain bike track on Pinterest and seeing it as a sign to move here.  I've been an entrepreneur since my early twenties - first as a restaurant owner, later as the founder of a recruitment company before moving into the mental health field.  I did my first IronMan when I was around 40 after watching a YouTube clip and knowing I was born to be one, even though I couldn't swim or run at the time.  I crossed the line in 4 months.  I'm mom to two kings and a Jack Russel called Chrissie.  

What Are You Famous For?

I'm known as The Fear Maven as I have an unorthodox relationship with fear and have always been the person that helps my clients to stop fearing fear.

Here’s Where You Can Contact Elle: 

W: https://unapologetic-woman.com

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elle-nagy/

YT: https://youtube.com/@elle-calibratetogreatness

I: https://www.instagram.com/theunapologeticwoman/

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