6 Star Leaders

Creating a Culture of Success: Carmel Brown's Secrets to Building Incredible Teams

July 04, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 24
6 Star Leaders
Creating a Culture of Success: Carmel Brown's Secrets to Building Incredible Teams
Show Notes

On this episode of 6 Star Business, I sat down with Carmel Brown, the leader of the Proven Group. Carmel shares her journey of building a successful business from her kitchen table, starting with resume writing and expanding into recruitment and HR consulting. Through partnerships and a collaborative approach, Carmel has grown her team and expanded into training, becoming a preferred provider for the Franchise Council of Australia. 

During the conversation, Carmel discusses the concept of being a '6 star' business and the 9 pillars of this philosophy, with a focus on collaboration and a collective approach. Carmel also highlights the significance of creating a great team culture and being recognized as a trusted friend by clients. 

We delve into topics such as:

- the power of a positive mindset

- seizing opportunities

- the value of building relationships

- creating a great culture

- and the power of knowing one’s WHY or purpose

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guest:

Carmel Brown, Founder & CEO of The Proven Group

Member & Training Provider for Franchisors & Franchisees Australia-wide

Carmel Brown is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing, and business development. As the Director of The Proven Group, Carmel has built a reputation for her innovative and creative approach to business, and her unwavering dedication to helping and empowering her clients to succeed and achieve their goals.

Carmel’s passion and commitment to excellence is evident in everything she does. She believes that building strong relationships and creating a culture of trust and respect are critical to success in business. Her innovative approach and dedication to delivering results have helped The Proven Group become one of the most respected and successful consulting and training firms in the industry. 

As an accomplished author of “Less Headaches, Happier Team, More Success”, Carmel knows only too well that:

•Managing people is not easy

•Staff always bring their “baggage” to work

•Leading is a special skill in itself

•Compliance is constantly a moving target

Getting your staff on the bus, in the right seats and headed in the same direction is the key to every business’ success. 

Something Interesting About You:

Accomplished author of “Less Headaches, Happier Team, More Success” 

Order your Free copy https://TheProvenGroup.com.au/book/

What Are you Famous For?

The ability to identify opportunities and connect people (internally known as Carmel the Connector :)

Here’s how you can get in contact with Carmel: 

W: https://theprovengroup.com.au/

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmelbrown/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/greatpeoplebetterresults

YT: https://www.youtube.com/@theprovengroup9567/videos

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