6 Star Business

Using Innovation to Find Freedom in Life & Business; with Richard Phu

May 23, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 18
6 Star Business
Using Innovation to Find Freedom in Life & Business; with Richard Phu
Show Notes

This conversation with Richard Phu is a breath of fresh air for people who love hearing about innovative ideas, thoughts, and outcomes.  Richard demonstrated to me how one can embody innovation and bring it to life very easily, whilst achieving freedom and joy along the way.

He’s gone from one career path to another, changed countries, and put on a global summit for men. Today he continues to empower others through example and helps businesses become MORE through his services.

I have pleasure in introducing to you, Richard Phu.

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

08:20 - resolving the misunderstanding with the VA

15:13 - building solid relationships from vulnerability

20:10 - Like, Did, More (it’s a practice)

28:00 - creating the Mens Virtual Summit

40:45 - tuning the machine of business

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guest, Richard:

Richard Phu, MD of Outsourcing Angel

Richard Phu, Australia’s Business Freedom Designer, coaches business owners to
design scalable businesses with automation, systematisation & virtual assistants. As
MD of Outsourcing Angel, he's transformed the VA agency, allowing the CEO to be free while maintaining double-digit growth.

Something Interesting About You

I used to be a semi pro-gamer (Computer games)

What Are You Famous For?

Designing business processes with automations and virtual teams, so that the business can run without you

The YouTube Episode:


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