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When Giving to Others Becomes the Greatest Act of All; with Gordo Rutty

May 16, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 17
6 Star Leaders
When Giving to Others Becomes the Greatest Act of All; with Gordo Rutty
Show Notes

In this conversation I met with the life-giving happy guy, Gordo Rutty.

What a special man he is - you’ll learn the reason why in the details of the conversation - and I love his enthusiasm and gratitude for life. He shows how easy it is for us to live a life of service and why it’s so important for us to take each day as a gift.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

06:00 - it starts with family

10:35 - the different charity projects

14:00 - where the seed was planted, 30 years ago

25:00 - why did Gordo do it?

36:00 - bringing this into business

and much more…

Here’s some information about our guest, Gordo:

Gordo Rutty, Founder of IM Gordo

Born 4th November 1963 in Kingston Jamaica.

I am the youngest son to my wonderful parents who through example have taught me what I believe to be great values.   

In 1974 my family moved to Australia from Jamaica. The decision was made as my dad wanted a better life us. Jamaica was becoming a very dangerous place to live.  

I was a very active kid and loved adventure, whilst I did ok at school I couldn’t wait for the weekends to ride motor bikes or just generally be outdoors. I left school after the first semester of grade 12 and joined the work force. 

Ambition and a desire to be able to help others has driven me to crave success. 

Working hard and going the extra mile are important to me. 

Karen and I have recently celebrated 26 years of marriage and we have three great children, Connor 24, Hunter 22, and Lucas 19. My beautiful daughter Georgia 32 from my first marriage lives in Newcastle.  

Serving and helping my fellow human beings does not need big sacrifice, one of the things I do is regularly donate Plasma, just this week, I hit a milestone of 200 donations, this can save many lives.

My potential messages

No matter who you are, you can make a difference, you can have a positive effect on other people lives. Each day it is just a matter of deciding that when you meet someone you want them to better for having met you. 

We don’t have to be Nelson Mandela’s: we just need a heart for others and we can have a huge impact.

Something Interesting About You

I donated one of kidneys to a stranger 11 years ago, and since then I have become an advocate for Transplant Australia. Each year now I organise fundraising and awareness campaigns for Transplant Australia.  

What are you famous for?

I am The Happiest Man In The Universe.


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