6 Star Leaders

The Magic Combination of Purpose and Profit; with Akeela Davis

March 28, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 10
6 Star Leaders
The Magic Combination of Purpose and Profit; with Akeela Davis
Show Notes

When do we get to talk to a financial genius about purpose and profit? Well this week we do - and it’s with Akeela Davis, a 20-year financial advisor and current thought leader on employee and employer engagement. 

This conversation covers topics relevant to all sized businesses, and it’s really inspiring to hear from someone who has been focussed on profitability and purpose for her whole career. She’s been driven from a deeper purpose to go on her journey path.

In fact she even says “my hobby is purpose”, and she’s been doing this her whole life in her various businesses. 

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

07:16 - the journey began in technology

11:30 - the connection between money and relationships

15:51 - the diagnosis changed everything

29:50 - doing things differently

45:30 - start with self-awareness

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guest:

Akeela Davis, CEO & Founder of Courageous Business Culture

A Computer Science graduate, Akeela spent 12 years in the Tech industry as an employee and a consultant. Each successive career choice narrowed and honed her passion for improving the human experience.

Akeela spent the next 20 years in the Financial world. Most of those as the owner of a financial advisory business. As an employer, she conceived her passion for engagement. Her staff turnover was amazingly low; her employees were more like partners in her company, taking responsibility for whatever would benefit the company, knowing they had the full support of everyone in the office, as needed. 

Her empathy for women clients devastated by divorce led Akeela to author the first North American-based book: Your Divorce, Your Dollars on understanding finances before, during and after divorce. She then co-founded the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists which trained Advisors help minimize poor financial decisions made during a divorce due to emotions.

Today Akeela Davis is a thought leader on employer-employee inter-relationship, a concept she calls Economic Mutualism.

Something interesting about you:

I was kidnapped by Gypsies.

What are you famous for?

Being even tempered.

How to contact Akeela:

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akeela-b-davis-cbc

WIC Cloud Leader Circle:

W: https://intro.womenincloud.com/advisors

W: Courageousbc.com

W: mapcertification.com

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