6 Star Leaders

How to Master Ourselves for the Best in Life; with Anne Trager

March 14, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 8
6 Star Leaders
How to Master Ourselves for the Best in Life; with Anne Trager
Show Notes

What is balance really? We all have a different definition of what it means to us, and that’s exactly what our guest Anne Trager talks about in this episode.  She’s bringing light to the need for us to focus on our individual styles and recipes for energy and balance in order to create the best performance for ourselves and in our business.

She's on a mission to light up people from the inside and tune them into their optimal level of being, so they can BE their best and deliver their best, to have their best life.

It’s a conversation filled with inspiration, guidance, humour and straight-talking.  And much more…

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

06:28 - how Anne serves the world

15:42 - one of her biggest goals

16:27 - success starts with “zest”

26:43 - the ‘new normal’ of exhaustion

39:17 - the need to do things differently

45:12 - the need to reconnect with self 

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guest:

Anne Trager, Founder & CEO, Potentializer Academy

After several professional lives across two countries, Anne Trager founded the Potentializer Academy as part of her quest to understand human performance day in and day out. She is obsessed with the whole human, each of us part of our own ecosystem, responsible for our own energy. A straight-talking optimist committed to building a positive future, she works with individuals and organizations to change the conversation around managing energy, prioritizing balance and connecting to the world differently. The goal? To take personal and business performance to the next level. She believes we all have what it takes to show up fully and thrive among chaos of today’s time-crunched, information-overloaded, ever-changing world. Life is in the choices you make every instant.

Something interesting about you:

I wield a sword and cook a mean lamb stew.

What is she famous for?

"Anne as a quiet storm ... she is full of energy, ideas and expertise around reshaping human performance, and yet when you’re speaking with her (from her French countryside retreat) she is pure calm."

How to contact Anne:

W: www.potentializer-academy.com

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annetrager/

Offer: https://bit.ly/6-star-special-potentializer-offer

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