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Aligning Yourself To The Flow Of Joyful Success; with Krista Chapman

January 03, 2023 Aveline Clarke Season 3 Episode 1
6 Star Leaders
Aligning Yourself To The Flow Of Joyful Success; with Krista Chapman
Show Notes

In this episode I met with Krista Chapman and spoke about all the ways she is doing business differently. This year has been her year of rest, and in doing so has enabled more flow and abundance into her business and life.She talked about the many ways in which business is hindered by existing patriarchal structures and how we can embrace change through our own unique path.

It was fascinating, enlightening, and a must-listen to as we start off on a new chapter of 2023!

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

07.10 - Capitalism is the culture of America

17:28 - how women have modelled themselves from men in business

33:10 - why stopping is better than continuing to force

44:21 - staying aligned with oneself

53:08 - the power of the personal purpose

and much much more…


Here’s some information about our Guest:

Krista Chapman, Founder of Path & Compass

Krista Chapman is a marketing strategist and business coach & mentor. Years back, she decided that the way we approached business was making her miserable – was making a lot of people miserable. Why couldn’t we change the culture and practices around business? Why couldn’t we build more ethical, intentional businesses that make us money? How could work serve our soul instead of suck it dry?

So she set out, carving her own path of business success, helping creatives, hospitality companies, wellness pros & artists build purposeful and successful companies. She uses holistic business & marketing strategies (and sometimes yoga mind tricks) to become an honest + direct voice of reason for her clients and empowers them to think differently about business to build better businesses.

An avid traveler, real estate investor, feminist & seeker, Krista is determined to build and live an intentional life & business on her terms. She wants to inspire and guide others to do the same.

What Are You Famous For?

A lot of my clients call me their business therapist. I have a knack for seeing the big picture and noticing where people are falling out of alignment (which happens a lot when you get caught in the net of business "shoulds"). Clarity is a super skill. While they hire me most to help with their marketing & growth, inner growth is crucial to your business growth. Much of my work is about uncovering what's really in the way.

Something Interesting About You

I have a passion for money and investing. I am invested in the markets as well as owning real estate and these "hacks" have given me more freedom to go my own way with my coaching & marketing agency. I see money as key to giving people agency - especially women. It is not something I talk about a lot but my investments have very much been part of my success.

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