6 Star Leaders

Putting the Pieces of Ourselves Together to Be 6 Star; with Josef Lapko

December 13, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 49
6 Star Leaders
Putting the Pieces of Ourselves Together to Be 6 Star; with Josef Lapko
Show Notes

In this episode with Josef Lapko we discuss the dynamics of people, and the gifts gained from such diverse and interesting international projects. He’s Russian born, raised in Israel, and calls USA home. Wow!

This conversation touched on many topics of being 6 Star in different areas of our lives, including our relationships at home and those at work. He’s a coach, and a fascinating person who gave us a lot to consider!

Here’s a snapshot of what we discussed:

06:25 - the importance of our partners in being 6 Star

09:32 - the perfect partner in life and business

13:10 - why you shouldn’t be afraid to hire the best people

16:30 - meeting celebrities and how that feels

21:48 - framing perfect questions to learn more

27:00 - a different way to approach our work

and much more!


Here's some information about our guest:

My name is Josef Lapko and I am the Director of Business Development for The Wildcat Group, a multi-family real estate redevelopment company.

I have extensive management experience and have provided many opportunities to present challenging ideas in a clear manner—no matter how complex they are!  In addition, my versatile leadership style enables me to successfully and efficiently restructure all types of organizations.

I am multilingual and capable of providing leadership and team-building training in Hebrew, English, and Russian.

Something Interesting About You

You can count on me to bring valuable, actionable insights to your podcast, especially when it comes to:

• Commercial Real Estate

• Conference and Mega Event Planning 

• Business Consulting and Team Building

• Project Management and Global Procurement 

• PropTech / Start-Up / Nonprofit / Business Development

• Religion / Faith / Personal Identity / Philosophy 

• USA’s Relationships in the Middle East and Israel

• Family Man / Work-Life Balance / Remote Work

• Military / Tactical Training and Martial Arts

…and much more!


LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josef-lapko-83705413/

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