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Collaboration Is the Gold Standard of Growth Strategies; with Joanne Brooks

November 22, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 46
6 Star Business
Collaboration Is the Gold Standard of Growth Strategies; with Joanne Brooks
Show Notes

What an inspiring conversation I had with one of my co-hosts, Joanne Brooks! I loved this conversation so much, and you’ll soon see why.

From her early challenges of shyness and being forced to put herself ‘out there’, she has been incredibly successful by mastering some key characteristics of success - including the art of collaboration.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

06:44 - her journey begins

08:08 - the magic outcome of being persistent

11:52 - the overnight success that took 30 years

16:16 - when she had to fire 100 staff

25:36 - the struggle when purpose is missing

32:00 - what 6 Star means to her

42:25 - the Collaboration magic 

plus much more…


Here’s some information about our guest:

Joanne Brooks, CEO & Founder Navig8biz

I  help professional women feel that their sacrifice has been worth it and avoid the situation of being invisible to key decision makers. 

It is my vision is to inspire a reawakening of belief in self to create a movement of purposeful female leaders.

Having owned over 15 businesses in the last 20 years with a mixture of great success and failure I share what I have learnt over those years with a no BS approach. My journey has not been smooth, it has certainly been exhilarating and I want to share what Ive learnt with others. 

Having launched my 16th business as I turned 60 I'm determined to shake up with university space with overseas Masters degrees like no other here in Australia.

Something Interesting About You

I promised my team when $1mil hit the bank account I would take them to Sydney. I surprised them with a private jet to Sydney for the day, limo to the city to have lunch at Circular Key restaurant, limo back to the airport and back on the jet home in the afternoon. 

It was important to me to celebrate the growth and hard work of the team, 

I went on to take 

-28 people to China

-50 people to Hawaii

-45 people to Alaska 

All to recognise the hard work and dedication to the business growth. We did that by paying a % of all income (not profits) to the fun account.

What Are You Famous For?

My experience in Business and the stories I share. 






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