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Embracing Personal Challenges for Ultimate Success; with Koray Serbest

November 08, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 44
6 Star Business
Embracing Personal Challenges for Ultimate Success; with Koray Serbest
Show Notes

In this episode I sat down with one of my co-hosts, Koray Serbest, to learn of the journey he's been on that opened him up to the life changing opportunities and possibilities in front of him.

He describes a life of living with purpose, facing fears, and choosing to be a better person every day.

Here's a summary of what we discussed:

07:00 - the journey from corporate to entrepreneurship

10:35 - fears we can all relate to

16:25 - Phase 2 of his life - the adventure begins

23:00 - the learning begins

42:23 - the low down on corporates

50:42 - purpose in business

and much more…

Here’s some information about our guest:

Koray Serbest, CEO & Founder of Go Beyond Global & OCPE ( Opportunity Creator & Possibility Enabler) Master

I started to work at the young age of 16, filling shelves in supermarkets and always putting myself into the SHOES OF THE CUSTOMER to understand how and what they would buy, and what would they be more attracted to before responding to serve them with that.

During my student years I had to finance my study myself and worked in multiple service outlets. Making customers happy and generating an exceptionally positive experience while interacting with people was KEY for me. I was already living and ensuring POSITIVE CUSTOMER JOURNEY experiences without realizing it, and therefore I can claim to be one of the earliest adopters of these customer-centric techniques since the early 90s!

Throughout my entire working life I have been seeing everything through the lens of the customer to better understand what they want and give them what they NEED AND DESIRE. This became my foundational approach in all my human interactions: to always be PEOPLE FOCUSSED AND RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN.

I believe that...

EVERYTHING in life is connected with each other and impacts each other due to the nature of dependency.

In addition to my own company and my additional two partner positions, I have decided to focus on giving something back to society.

Thanks to many lucky circumstances I came across a unique community, called 6 Star Business, and we are going to make even a bigger impact than I could have ever imagined before...

My Chapter One has just begun mid 2021 and I will share soon more of the good things which we do at 6 Star to help to create a better future and a more meaningful life for all citizens of mother earth.

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Natural connector & networker who is passionate about people and driven by deep relationships 

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W: https://www.gobeyondglobal.com

LI: linkedin.com/in/korayserbest

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