6 Star Leaders

Unlocking Genius and Love for Massive Impact; with Chantel Botha

August 16, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 32
6 Star Leaders
Unlocking Genius and Love for Massive Impact; with Chantel Botha
Show Notes

In today’s episode we met with Chantel Botha, who showed us the importance of each individual person finding the magic and genius within themselves - to help transform lives and organisations. She uses courage, love, and curiosity to unlock genius and love in people and teams to create customer experiences for massive impact.

She's a creative connector, magician of teams and culture, and 'love warrior' who's determined to impact as many people as she can.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

8:11 - our expectations as a corporate worker

10:33 - evoking customers emotions in a journey

20:37 - her most successful project with a corporate

29:30 - connecting the dots for leaders

33:34 - flipping sales to being an antidote

42:00 - greater connection = greater problem solving

50:41 - squashing the imposter syndrome

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guest:

Chantel Botha

Founder & CEO, BrandLove Customer Experience

Innovation Magician and Brand Warrior Creator

Leading her fellow Brand Warriors into battle against a life without meaning, Chantel thrives on delivering passion and purpose by designing value and connection into every experience involving individuals, customers, employees or corporations. Using her background in business economics, computer sciences, customer experience design, coaching, public speaking, e-commerce and strategy, she brings revolutionary originality and EQ to brands and businesses.

In addition to a number of social projects, Chantel lives out her passion for people as a certified Virtual Facilitator, Customer Experience Professional, Laughter Yoga and Lego Serious Play facilitator. 

What Are You Famous For?

Infamous for losing my shit! Lying in front of a digger to protect a beach where seabird breed. 

Something Interesting About You:

I love spicy food.

I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a child.


W: www.brandlove.co.za

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/company/brandlovecxp

FB: https://www.facebook.com/brandlovecxp

Here’s some information about my co-host:

Steve Sandor

CEO & Founder, Inspiring Business


Your host,  


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