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We Are All Responsible for Telling Our Story with Love; with Angela Legh & Jonason Goldson - #58

March 15, 2022 Aveline Clarke Season 2 Episode 10
6 Star Business
We Are All Responsible for Telling Our Story with Love; with Angela Legh & Jonason Goldson - #58
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we met Angela and Yonason, and boy was this a wonderful conversation! Using storytelling as the basis for our healing and growth, we traversed many topics and challenges we face as humans and how we can move forward.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

9:45 - there is no competition

17:50 - the person who is happy is…

20:52 - the secret of happiness

27:00 - storytelling as a gift

41:44 - the strength in opposites

and much more…


Here’s some information about our guests:

Angela Legh

Founder, Storyteller & Creator

I lived through much adversity; and as it is said, what didn't kill me made me stronger. I had an abusive, alcoholic father whose behavior had a major impact on my life. Based on his behavior, my young mind decided that rage was an emotion no one should feel. My judgement of anyone who became enraged did not serve me well in my first marriage, nor in my life. 

A wildfire destroyed our home . . . that was the catalyst for significant change in my life. Over 12 months, I lost my home to fire, left my marriage, quit my job, and moved across the world. During this journey I discovered many tools for overcoming adversity and achieving emotional balance. I now share these tools with children through the power of story; because with this knowledge, they can make better life choices.


W: https://www.angelalegh.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AngelaLeghauthor/

I: https://www.instagram.com/angelalegh.author/

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angela-legh-6b913b184/

Yonason Goldson

CEO & Founder, Ethical Imperatives

Yonason Goldson, director of Ethical Imperatives, LLC, works with professionals to create a culture of ethics that builds trust, sparks initiative, and drives productivity.  He’s a keynote and TEDx speaker, trainer, coach, and community rabbi, as well as a podcast host, columnist and author, repentant hitchhiker, world traveler, and retired high school teacher in St. Louis. He’s published hundreds of articles applying ancient rabbinic wisdom to the challenges of the modern secular world, and six books, most recently “Grappling with the Gray: an ethical handbook for personal success and business prosperity.”  


W: https://www.yonasongoldson.com/

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yonason-goldson/

FB: https://facebook.com/yonasongoldson

I: https://www.instagram.com/yonasongoldson/

Here's some information about my co-host:

Remeny Armitage
W: www.brilliantandhuman.com

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